PEANUT - Wee little chocolate sable sprite (approx. 3+ yrs. old) (DOB ??)
Peanut was adopted July 1, 2009, together with a recent surrender Eldon and has gone to an excellent home in Truro, NS.  Her new mom has had ferrets for 17 years.
Peanut came to us from Prince Edward Island.  Peanut has adrenal disease and is receiving monthly Lupron Depot injections and is being given daily oral Melatonin.  Her previous owner was not prepared to take care of a special needs ferret and therefore, surrendered Peanut.  Peanut's medical condition requires medical managment for the rest of her life and she should do fine.  The Deslorelin implant has been ordered from Australia for her and we are waiting for it to arrive.  With this new medication she will no longer require monthly Lupron injections only a new implant once every 8 - 12 months.  Peanut is a tiny ferret with a huge personality - sweet-natured, gentle but watch out - she'll ignite quite suddenly into an explosive leaping dance.  This in spite of the fact that her back leg has a definite weakness - it would appear from an old injury.  Peanut would do well as a single ferret or as part of a multi-ferret household.  This little one gets along with any ferret she meets and is loved by all.  Although she does have a medical condition it is well managed with medication, you will not find a sweeter tempered ferret than this little girl. 




ASHLEY -Champagne Gib December 10, 2003 - January 26, 2009
UPDATE:  Ash died peacefully in his foster mother's arms January 26, 2009 following complications of lymphosarcoma.  The following day foster mom adopted his comapnion Sampson, welcoming him as a new member of her personal fur family.

SAMPSON - Black Siamese Sable DOB March 1, 2005 -July 21, 2009
ADOPTED January 27, 2009
UPDATE: This gentle giant (5.5 lbs.) left this world to join his companion Ash in July 2009. Sampson was very bright and was the only ferret accepted by every ferret who came through the door. 
These beautiful, cuddly boys came to us as a bonded pair  
They came to us from Moncton and were surrendered because their owner developed a serious illness.  Unfortunately, these gentle and adorable boys had been fed a very poor diet and consequently had terrible GI upset and were painfully thin.  They were fed a nutritionally rich diet with extra supplements that brought them up to a normal weight.  Sampson was diagnosed with insulinoma in November 2008, underwent a splenectomy January 30th and had a large benign tumor removed.  He continued to suffer from chronic ill health and developed adrenal carcinoma as well as a host of other problems the entire time he lived with his adopted family.  Ash loved nothing better than to be held and cuddled.  He had a distinct kink in his tail from having been previously broken.  Ash was diagnosed with lymphoma in December 2008 and received palliative and supportive care in the time he was with us. Both boys were affectionate and sweet natured.  

SASHA - DOB December 15, 2006 - ADOPTED November 11, 2008
Lovely rare cinnamon panda was surrendered with her bonded companion Banjo because their owners were threatened with eviction.  They regretfully surrendered this stunning pair.

BANJO DOB October 17, 2006 - ADOPTED November 11, 2008
This majestic albino has strikingly beautiful ruby eyes (pic does not do him justice).  Banjo has a wonderful personality and gets along very well with other ferrets.  Banjo and Sasha were adopted along with Tifouine by a family in St. John, NB.

TIFOUINE - Chocolate male - DOB June 20, 2007 - ADOPTED November 11, 2008
Tifouine was surrendered because his human mom had allergies.  Tifouine is a BIG, fluffy adorable boy.  He had a rough beginning, when still a baby Tifouine had to have an operation on his colon to repair the effects of a rare bacterial infection.  He recovered fine and you'd never know he was ever ill.   Although Tifouine was alone when he came to us, he became friends with fellow fosters Sasha and Banjo.  Tifouine was adopted with his playmates by a family in St. John, NB.