We currently have 2 ferrets available for adoption. Please check back regularly as we may have new ferrets coming in.
Lucy & Slinky
Lucy and Slinky came into our care after their owner was threatened with eviction. Slinky is a 6 year old sable male. He is a very laid back, easy going guy. His companion, Lucy is a one year old, albino female. Lucy does not get along well with any other animal, with the exception of Slinky of course. Lucy is also deaf, which has lead her to be nippy within play or when she is startled. Because of Lucys biting issues, this pair can only be adopted into an experienced home. Lucy and Slinky are a bonded pair, and must be adopted together.
ADOPTED! 6/2/12

ADOPTED! 6/2/12
Madoc is a 1 year old dark-eyed white male. He's small, quick and full of energy but always up for playing, running around and wrestling with the cats he lives with. Madoc was brought home to be the companion to the ferret who had just lost his mate. Unfortunately Madoc's companion passed away not long after and Madoc was left alone. Now his human mom needs to move across the country and wants him to have a home with other ferrets or playful humans. He plays very well with other ferrets and has never bitten anyone. With his small size he has a big imagination, he loves to climb even those things that seem out of his reach and believes he can do anything.



ADOPTED ! 11/24/11

Hey, my name is Nyx and I am a dark sable girl about 9mos old. I am looking for my forever home. I have been told 3rd time’s a charm….I was 1st in a home with small children, which was way too exciting and made me nervous, Then luckily I  was taken in by a sweet lady that unfortunately was not up to my speed and well lets just say I was too ferret for her. I was quick, in and out of things, on things, under things and well I just got too hyper and nippy. So now I am hoping to find my forever lucky home. I have been with my foster parents for about 1 month now. I am teeny tiny and can get into anything big enough for my head to fit in, I am a REALLY good problem solver and can get on top of things they considered ferret proof. I do well entertaining myself, and playing with people or do enjoy some ferret action. I may be young but I have a soft heart so the gentler ferret play is my game. I really enjoy best to wrestle with the household kitten.
My foster family has learned to trust me and I give really good kisses. They just have to be on their game to understand when my kisses may turn into nibbles.
If you are looking into getting a fuzzy or want to add to your family….I would love to meet you. You can contact my Foster Mom & Dad if you have any questions. I can’t wait to meet you.


ADOPTED! 11/19/11

Hello, I am a silver little girl, somewhere between 1 to 1.5 years old. I was surrendered to the Moncton SPCA at the end of September and found my way to the FLSAC quickly. I am a little shy at first and keep to myself but open up quickly. I don’t mind other ferret companions but do get very scared if they have too much energy. I tend to harass the seniors in the home and enjoy their level of play. Much to my foster parent’s surprise I have no fear of my canine friends and enjoy playing with my feline friends too. With time I will make another ferret a great sister but I think I would be just as happy solo.  I do really like to play hide and seek with any human friends and especially the silly little kitten!! When found I will show off with a classic ferret dance.
If you are looking into getting a fuzzy or want to add to your family….I would love to meet you. You can contact my Foster Mom & Dad if you have any questions. I can’t wait to meet you.


ADOPTED! 12/02/11

Hi, I am a 8 month old kit. I was surrendered to the Oromocto SPCA in the middle of September and have luckily found me way to my foster Mom & Dad's home. They were very excited when they first met me because I love to give good kisses and am fairly patient when they want to snuggle but will sometimes nibble on them to let them know when I'm done. Right a way I fit into their home, I think having a really long tunnel to play in helped me feel comfortable. I am quite fiesty when 1st introduced to other ferrets. I would love to have other sibling ferrets to play with and would make a great sister. I have to say my favorite game is the tunnel, be it with another ferret chasing me or my foster parents being silly too, I can tunnel play all day.

I do well with the feline and canine friends of the house too. I acknowledge they are there but am to busy for them!! dook! dook!

I am very curious and tend to look up a lot. My problem solving skills help me to not only look up but to get there too. So a safe home will be key for me to stay accident free.

If you are looking into getting a fuzzy or want to add to your family….I would love to meet you. You can contact my Foster Mom & Dad if you have any questions. I can’t wait to meet you.


ADOPTED! 11/30/11

Henry is a 5 year old male, dark eyed white ferret. He was surrendered to us as his previous owner did not have time for him anymore. He is quite thin at the moment and has pretty shabby looking fur. He has received a clean bill of health from our vet, but she would like to see him put another pound on. We are currently looking for a new forever home for Henry, but his new adoptive family will need to wait until Henry has put some weight on, before being able to take this little man home. Henry is looking for a family willing to take the extra time and care for this older guy, he will require regular feedings of Duck Soup to keep his weight up. He is a very sweet little man who just loves to explore his surroundings. He is good with other ferrets, yet isn't too playful with them.
Please check back regularly because we may have new ferrets coming in.
MAFF:  http://www.maferrets.org/shelter/foster.php (these are but a few of the many available)