Food Chart

Ferrets are obligate carnivores - meat eaters. They need a diet that is high in meat protein and high in fat.  Look for kibble that has at least 35% protein and 20% fat.   Do not feed your ferret cereals, grains, sugars, fruits or vegetables.  They cannot digest these foods and fruits or vegetables can cause a bowel obstruction.  


Most kibble does contain small amounts of carbohydrates as a binding agent or you'd end up with a bag of powder.  Key is to read the contents carefully. Ingredients are listed in the order of highest percentage of content to least percentage of content.  The first item listed should be a meat or poultry. Fish and fishmeal are okay but may give the food and resulting stool a strong smell.  


High protein diets require more water to be processed by an animal's body than lower protein diets.  Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. 


Go to Ferret Universe Ferret Food Chart for a downloadable pdf file: