Friends and Sponsors of FLSAC

Organizations/businesses who share a common philosophy of responsible pet ownership and the health and welfare of all animal companions:


ARPO - Advocates for Responsible Pet Ownership

ARPO are a group of responsible dog owners in Nova Scotia Canada who are working towards creating a dog friendly Nova Scotia where dog owners and non-dog owners can live together harmoniously so that everyone feels comfortable living together in our shared multi-use beautiful parks - and our pets can have the highest quality of life that we can give them.

Best for Pets Pet Products - Supplier for Natura Pet Foods (Innova EVO)

Lynn Hoyt
Best for Pets Pet Products
717 Hillsborough Road
Riverview, NB  E1B 3W1
506-382-0149 (H)
506-381-7193 (B)


4-Pawz - Bedding
Sean and Alan started this as a cottage industry making all kinds of animal bedding, from small to large. Nothing is out of scope! They can do custom orders or you can check out their pre-made section on their website!  They are dedicated pet lovers, who would like to support shelters as much as possible.  To this end they will contribute 10% of your purchase to FLSAC as a donation to help us continue the work we do in providing shelter and veterinary care for our rescues.
When placing your order please quote FLSAC's 'kick back' code: SHTAC011 -
Global Pet Foods - Bedford, Dartmouth, Halifax, Moncton & Dieppe

Bedford, Dartmouth and Halifax, Nova Scotia Global Pet Foods stores specialize in stocking natural, wholesome pet foods for dogs, cats, small animals and birds. They do not sell animals and encourage adoption from local shelters/rescues.

Harmony Dog Products - Supplier of Innova EVO products

Ferrets, being strict carnivores, require a high animal protein and fat in their daily diets, along with low carbohydrate intake. However, a diet limited to meat alone could cause harmful nutritional imbalances. In recent years, due to the lack of availability of high-quality ferret foods on the market, many ferret owners have become attracted to feeding a homemade or “raw” diet which they believe approximates the evolutionary diet of a ferret. That is, until now. EVO Dry Ferret Food was created to supply a high protein, low carbohydrate formula that mimics the ingredients and nutritional profile of a raw diet.

No Grain = Low Carbohydrates

In order to closely match the nutritional content of a raw diet, no grains were used in the making of EVO. Whole fruit and vegetables are added to supply important, health promoting nutrients that ferrets would find foraging for food. Live, naturally occurring microorganisms are gently sprayed on after the cooling process. The diet truly connects with the carnivore in your ferret by supplying a high level of the highest quality chicken and turkey, including the flesh, cartilage, fat, bone and connective tissue attached to the necks, backs and wings are used.

EVO Dry Ferret Food is available in a 6.6 lb. bag.

Melanie Briand
Harmony Dog Products
2566 Elm St
Halifax NS, B3L 2Y4

 Litters 'n Critters Rescue Society

Not for profit association in Nova Scotia dedicated solely to the well being of all animals, big and small. Litters 'n Critters advocates the adoption and rehabilitation of companion animals; assists people re-home their privately owned pets; supports educating the public on puppy mills and back yard breeders and their connections to pet stores;  helps nform the public on responsible pet ownership, breed bans, dog bite prevention and how to make an informed decision on choosing a family pet.



Awesome magazine for pet owners in Atlantic Canada.  Pet Country Magazine publishes quarterly and is available to all pet-lovers who consider their pets part of their family. The mission of Pet Country Magazine is to bring the pet community closer together through heart-warming stories, helpful information and fun pictures to celebrate the importance that our pets play in our everyday lives. 

Pet Country Magazine, in partnership with local veterinarians and animal shelters, aims to help raise awareness for the needs of the less fortunate animals in our community.



PGAA is a national pet rescue and adoption assistance service also offering general and health related articles and resources for all types of pets.