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Phone #s Home: _______________ Work: _______________  Cell:  __________________

E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________________
How many years have you owned ferrets?  _______

I rate my experience with ferrets as:
Novice  0      Intermediate  0        Advanced   0

I have worked with ferrets:
Severe Biters   0       Mild Biters   0       Litter Box Problems   0  Require Socializing  0

I have helped ferrets who have been/had:
Been Abused  0       Adrenal Disease  0       Cardiomyopathy  0   Palliative Care  0
Insulinoma     0       Lymphoma   0              Surgery  0

Here are some areas that I can help the Ferret Lovers Society of Atlantic Canada:
Events  0           Education  0           Ferret Fostering  0           Ferret Sitting 0
Crafts  0           Web Site   0             Public Relations  0           Fund Raising 0
Administrative Assistance  0            Transportation   0           Volunteering  0

 The Annual Membership Fee is $ 5.00 per person.  $10.00 family membership.
Cheques/money orders should be made payable to: 
A fee, not exceeding that of the bank will be charged to issuers of NSF cheques.

Payments can also be sent via Interac Email Money Transfers - cut and paste link below for details:

Please print, fill out and send your application and payment  to:
FLSAC 32 Lavinia Drive  Truro, NS  B2N 5R3

You can also email and request an electronic version of the form from

As a member of the Ferret Lovers Society of Atlantic Canada (FLSAC), I agree to abide by the Society’s objectives, which can be viewed  at: Society Objectives

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