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Ferrets are obligate carnivores, in other words - meat eaters.  They require a high fat/high protein diet.  Ideally, a ferret’s diet should have 36 % to 60 % protein;  18 % to 40 % fat; low fibre 3% maxiumum and less than 30 % carbohydrates.  Choosing the correct food for your ferret is critical to their current and future health. 

Contrary to popular belief - ferrets should not be fed fruits, especially not raisins, which have been shown to cause renal failure.  Vegetables can create blockages that require surgical intervention to remove.  Ferrets cannot digest fruits or vegetables, therefore, do not feed them to your ferret.  Treats are a human notion, ferrets don't need them.  If you wish to give a treat - give something high fat/high protein like a meat jerky broken into smaller pieces; cooked eggs; pieces of unseasoned cut-up meat/poultry, preferably cooked to kill salmonella; high quality kitten kibble, etc.

There is an array of commercial ferret kibble available - check out the link to the Ferret Food Chart and choose wisely.  Your ferret will be healthier and your vet bills will be lower.
An excellent overview of ferrets' nutritional requirements and the importance of exercise, written in an easily accessible way by a veterinarian:
Feeding a Sick Ferret:

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