Rainbow Bridge Memorials

A place for Atlantic Canadians to honour the memory of their beloved fuzzies

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December 28, 2005 - October 20, 2008

Tiramisu and her companion Cannoli were adopted from the MaFF shelter in April 2007.  Tiramisu was the gentlest, sweetest tempered ferret.  She was the only ferret who would wave her tail vigorously when I picked her up.

Tiramisu passed away following exploratory surgery.  She had become seriously ill over the Thanksgiving Day weekend and only the most powerful narcotic pain medication gave her some relief.  She was found to have lymphosarcoma during the surgery (later confirmed through necropsy).  Her mama held her and she slipped away gently from this world.

Tiramisu was my first personal ferret who died and it’s taken me over a year before I could post her memorial.  Her lifelong companion Cannoli seriously grieved her loss, rolling in her empty blankets and whining.  Fortunately, my alpha Linguini nurtured him back to wellness.  

Tiramisu acts as the Rainbow Bridge reporter for Massachusetts Ferret Friends and together with Chester greets new arrivals to the Rainbow Bridge.  In this small way, her spirit remains present in my life. http://www.maferrets.org/forums/index.php?board=12


December 10, 2003 - January 26, 2009 

Ash came into foster care in August 2008.  He was surrendered along with his companion Sampson because his owner developed health problems and couldn't look after them.  This was their second home.  Their original owner rehomed them because she did not have time to look after them.  When the boys arrived they were emaciated and quite ill.  With round-the-clock care, medications and lots of TLC they survived.  However, both had ongoing health issues.  Ash subsequently developed adrenal disease and was medically managed for his illness.  He was too frail to undergo adrenal surgery.  In November Ash was diagnosed with lymphoma and the decision was made to provide him with palliative care until his condition deteriorated to the point that his quality of life suffered.  Throughout the entire time he was in our care, Ash maintained a sweet and loving disposition.  He received extensive supportive care with medications and ongoing veterinary monitoring.  Eventually a tumor displaced his heart and made breathing difficult and the decision was made to assist him to the Rainbow Bridge.  I gratefully thank the staff at Fairview Animal Hospital, especially Dr. Donald Benoit and veterinary assistant Jamie McLellan for their compassionate care of this precious little life.   I also thank Dr. Sandra Mitchell from Portland, ME who  provided long-distance support and veterinary advice on his ongoing care.  Ash will be terribly missed by his foster mom and his companion Sampson.   We were blessed to have his presence in our lives during the brief remaining months of his life.



Passed from this world February 21, 2009

Skittles, a little silver female, came into our home on March 8, 2008. She was free to a good home and I was the lucky recipient. She loved to cuddle and got along well with the two boys. When we went for walks with the pet stroller the boys, being typical boys, were rough and tumble but Skittles always rode like a lady. There was nothing to indicate anything was wrong until the morning I found her unconscious. Diagnosis: insulinoma. Despite being started on pred I again found her unconscious 2 days later and she was put to sleep. It was a terrible shock. We had 11 wonderful months together and she is missed.




May 12, 2007 - April 6, 2009

Principessa arrived into Canada from Massachusetts with her sister Carissima April 6, 2008.  They joined their sister Bellissima who had been adopted earlier in December 2007.  Principessa and her sisters were rescues from the notorious Douglas McKay Ferret/Mink breeder farm in Ohio.  They and approximately 600 ferrets were relocated to shelters and homes throughout the U.S. - and these three siblings ended up in Nova Scotia.  Principessa was fiercely protective of her two sisters and attacked any ferret who would come near.  However, with humans she was sweet, gentle and warmly affectionate.  Principessa wasn't even  2 years old when she was struck swiftly and suddenly by juvenile lymphoblastic lymphosarcoma.  She will be terribly missed by her human mama and her two remaining siblings.



Angels carried this beloved little one away on May 22, 2009

Ceilidh joined the family on Nov 30, 2005. It being St Andrew's Day, he needed a Scottish name. On the way home he threw a ceilidh (kitchen party) in his cage worthy of any Caper, hence the name. Indeed he quickly had the members of the Cape Breton volkssport club wrapped around his paw. Last year he became famous/infamous for his disappearing act in the car at the volkssport convention in Wolfville. I had allowed the ferrets to have playtime in the car while I cleaned their cages. When it was time to put them back in their cages I couldn't find Ceilidh. I didn't think he had gotten out but I started searching the grounds and alerting other walkers to be on the lookout. A woman suggested I check the car again and there was Ceilidh sitting nice as you please on the front seat. It took 4 months before I found his hiding place - the glove compartment. A month ago Ceilidh was diagnosed with insulinoma, an adrenal gland tumour and a mass in the thorax, lymphoma. With medicine he had a reasonable quality of life until he started going downhill in the last 24 hours. He was put to sleep today. Ceilidh will be missed but there will be some wonderful ceilidhs in heaven.


March 1, 2005 - July 20, 2009

Sampson passed away after chronically poor health since the day he arrived as a surrender August 1, 2008. 

He was adopted the day after his life-long companion Ash died.  Four days later Sampson underwent emergency surgery to remove a large benign tumor attached to his spleen. The spleen was also removed.

Sampson's health was even more fragile after Ash's death, he was plagued by recurring ulcers, colitis, UTIs, uroliths, insulinoma, and adrenal disease amongst other things. In the end the two medications he was on to manage his insulinoma stopped working and he was in chronic pain with little energy. A necropsy confirmed that Sampson's kidneys were damaged and he had adrenal carcinoma.

Sampson was the only ferret I had who was accepted by all the play groups and fosters that came and went - a 5 lb. gentle giant, he will be missed terribly by his mom and his fuzzy family.


September 6, 2003 - September 10, 2009

Linguini passed away from heart failure. She had been on a waiting list for a pacemaker - unfortunately, her heart gave out before one could be transplanted.

Linguini came to me with her life-long companion Tortellini from the MaFF shelter. They were my first ferrets and began my profound love for the animal. Linguini celebrated her 6th birthday September 6, 2009. 

Linguini was the Supreme Alpha - integrating Newbies into the business with a firm paw. However, she was deeply maternal and once they accepted her rule, she was nurturing and affectionate. She would lay down and stay with any ferret who was not feeling well. She kept order in the group and would discipline as necessary. Her authority was never questioned and her group adored her. 

She had the ability to literally disappear - a skill she came with and never lost. I never did find her magic hiding spots but when I was on the verge of tears she would miraculously re-appear. 

Of all the ferrets I have known, Linguini was a sensualist. She absolutely LOVED soft, freshly laundered bedding. She would roll around in it, sniffing the fabric and then curl up in it. She was particularly fond of silk scarves and velvety cushions.

Her high grade, 2nd degree block was diagnosed 2 months ago. She had been kept alive with 3-4 daily injections of heart medication. Unfortunately, September 10th the medication stopped working. Dr. Benoit gave her another short-term acting medication to bring up her heart rate but it didn't work either. We knew she was dying at that point. 

She was given two sedatives to ease her distress and allow her to die gently while her heart rate continued to drop. She stayed in my arms while I thanked her for honouring me with her presence and when her heart rate dropped to 24 bpm she received the final lethal injection. Her death was gentle - a good death.

Linguini leaves behind her life-long companion Tortellini, remaining members of her business - Cannoli, Dolcezze and Donnola. She will be joining two other members of her business who pre-deceased her, Tiramisu and Sampson.

Linguini will be sorely missed by her human mama. She taught me a great deal about her kind and set the bar very high in how to rule with benevolent kindness for all alphas that will follow her. 

Sleep peacefully my sweet baby girl. Mama loves you.


October 2005- October 3, 2009
One day, while travelling down the dusty path that is my life I encountered a rather odd little fellow.
He had a look about him, one which could be best described as busy but curious, someone who had been charged unfairly with doing the difficult things to survive rather than live.
What a noble cause I thought, to champion this fellow, for he was obviously down on his luck and in certain need of hug. As the fates would have it, I too had found myself in much the same position at the same time, caring less about living and merely existing in life.
It was decided between us that we should continue the journey forward together; one would help the other wherever possible with the understanding that while the world may be cold and brutal at times, it can be less so when shared with another.
As we ventured forward we discovered worlds and things not seen by the other, we provided comfort and safety for one another where some seemingly did not exist.
In what seemed to be a short period of time (as time tends to vanish quickly in life), we found ourselves upon a fork in the road.
Uncertain as I was, I soon came to realize that my travelling companion had other destinations he had planned to visit, as did I. It was then we realized that like life, our journey together was not about reaching the end or being together but rather the complete opposite.
It had been about the journey itself, the things learned and the love given.
I grew sad and alone once more, crying out for my friend until I realized that for all of my grief, this small fellow had empowered me to see the beauty in life and I had shown that to him.
Before I realized it he was gone, but the lessons in my heart and in his carry forward to this day - and as I meet others while I venture down the path, I share my lessons with them and they with I.
I miss that little fellow. He was my friend.
Godspeed Allister.
Love Connie, Michael, Zachary and Kevin