Society Objectives

·        To promote the health and well being of ferrets
·        To enrich the lives of ferrets in our communities through education, collaboration, communication, rehabilitation and rescue
·        To raise public awareness about ferrets
·        To educate ferret owners and those considering the ferret as a companion animal
·        To design, develop and distribute educational materials on ferrets
·        To provide shelter, care, medical treatment and necessary rehabilitation for unwanted, surrendered, abused and abandoned     ferrets.
·        To provide a safe and healthy environment in approved volunteer foster homes to homeless ferrets until they can be placed in an approved adoptive home
·        To establish a volunteer network of foster homes for ferrets throughout Atlantic Canada
·        To find, promote, screen and educate potential adopters
·        To find suitable homes for all ferrets who are healthy enough to be adopted into new families
·        To find suitable homes for all ferrets who have special needs and medical conditions with knowledgeable adoptive families
·        To establish collaborative relationships with existing ferret rescue groups and shelters in order to arrange transfers and transports of ferrets to, and within our region
·        To offer guidance and information about ferrets to existing animal shelters and retail outlets that sell ferrets
·        To fund raise to support the work of the society and to provide necessary medical treatment of rescued ferrets
·        To uphold a no-kill policy, which includes ensuring a rescued ferret will receive medical and veterinary care as necessary and only arranging euthanasia through a qualified veterinary clinic only if it is medically impossible to treat or heal a ferret that is suffering